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“There is an invisible war in Africa: one man, Joseph Kony, terrorizing 4 countries.” Kony is a Ugandan guerrilla group leader. He has abducted more than 30,000 children from their homes and has forced them to become children soldiers. Forcing them to kill their own parents and fight for him. He turns the young girls he kidnaps into sex slaves and the young boys into children soldiers. Kony is not supported by anyone nor is he fighting for a cause. He is just fighting and killing to maintain his power. Make this the year Kony is captured. Visit the site: and on March 5th, watch the documentary. Share it with your friends, family, anyone who is willing to watch. Wear the bracelets and don’t take them off until Dec. 31, 2012. Tell the 20 Culture Makers. Tell the 12 Policy Makers. Show them this is something you care about. If they care about it, then America cares about it. Make Joseph Kony famous!

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Feelings Show - Haley Klassen Original.

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amaazing song haley

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people should just take my phone away from me when i’m partaking in drinking..


so today we went to court for law class. not only do judges make a load of cash per year, they also get so much power over sick little slimy criminals. giving justice would be a great feeling. perhaps i’ll become a judge someday, that or a psychologist. point is: new options.


so about a couple months ago i thought spending money on things for myself was unreasonable, and that taking care of business comes first. then i realized, i work for my money. so if i wanna buy a couple nice things for myself, fuck it, i should. it feels good this way and i think everyone should take time to appreciate themselves.